When and for how long did you play with the Ravens/RGIH?

I believe I started playing for RGIH when I was 9 years old and played until I was about 23 due to injuries. I do not remember what division I started in as girls hockey in Richmond was a new thing.

Why did you start playing? 

I started playing hockey because my family was a big hockey family and I LOVED watching my brother play as well as the NHL with my family. When an opportunity presented itself in Richmond, my friends and I called each other and said let’s make the jump from ringette to hockey and I instantly fell in love with the game.

What’s your best memory/highlight from being with the Ravens/RGIH? 

My favourite memory of RGIH was the many many MANY trips that I got to take around the country and around the United States for tournaments. My friends and I would get to play a game we loved while exploring so many different places. One memory that stands out the most is the year we won provincials. It was a bittersweet end to the year because one of my best friends broke her ankle during a game, but we came together as a team and worked hard for her! It was an amazing feeling winning something with all your friends.

What are you up to now/ what have you been up to since graduating from the Ravens/RGIH? 

Since graduating from RGIH I have been all over the place. I started going to university while working and helping coach the RGIH Midget A team. I also played hockey, making so many lifelong friends, until my body could not do it anymore. I have now completed 2 degrees, currently beginning my Masters in Education and I am a grade 6/7 teacher.

Why would you recommend girls sign up to play hockey? 

I am very biased towards hockey. I believe it teaches people so many lifelong lessons beyond the skills of stick handling, passing, and shooting. Hockey teaches discipline, teamwork, patience, and perseverance. It is a game that I am grateful for because some of my favourite people in the world I met through this game and allowed me to see places in the world that I never would have seen.