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For Managers


The Team Manager is responsible for coordinating or overseeing the duties listed below. This list is a general overview and is not listed in any order of importance. While many jobs listed can be delegated to other parents and volunteers, it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to make sure these duties are looked after:

  1. Communicating the team schedule through Sports Engine.
  2. Coordinating exhibition games, tournaments, extra practices, team socials, association fundraisers and other activities with the support of the Head Coach.
  3. Obtaining necessary team gear, equipment and supplies.
  4. Coordinating practice and game jersey distribution, care and return; or appointing a volunteer to manage this role.
  5. Coordinating team finances with the Treasurer
  6. Coordinating important dressing room supervision, or appointing  volunteers to manage this role.
  7. Confirming and paying officials for all home games; or appointing a volunteer to manage this role.
  8. Communicating with opposing team managers in regards to games.
  9. Coordinating game sheets and distributing to appropriate parties; or appointing a volunteer to manage this role.
  10. Working with the team to assign/divide up managerial roles and responsibilities including designating a Hockey Canada Safety Person(s) (HCSP), Treasurer, Scorekeeping and Clock, Dressing Room Supervision , Fundraising, Team Jerseys, Team Socials, Tournaments and more!


All team officials are required to have the basic level of courses/certifications and must complete Respect In Sport in order to be eligible to act as a coach, team manager or HCSP. The following is required prior to the start of the season:

  1. Criminal Record Check
  2. Respect in Sport
  3. Concussion Awareness Training Tool (CATT)
  4. Fair Play Code of Conduct

Once completed, the courses will appear in each person’s Hockey Canada portfolio and can be accessed by the Association to verify. For any questions regarding these elements, please speak to our registrar Tina O’Connor.