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Safety - General


BC Hockey states that the use of any form of camera, or personal digital assistant is PROHIBITED in any recreational facility change rooms during a BC Hockey sanctioned event.  This applies to everyone…team officials, players, parents, siblings.

As of 2016, the Richmond Ravens have updated the policy regarding the use of cellular phones and digital equipment in the change room.  If a device with a camera is used in the change room, the first offense will result in a warning.  If a device is used a second time, the player will receive a game suspension.  If the device is used a third time, the player will be recommended for removal from the team or any combination of the above.  Reinstatement to a team may be made through the Appeal Process.

Parents are also included in the above policy.


There are to be no adult males in the changing room when the female hockey players are changing. We strongly recommend players to exit the changing room if they want their skates to be tied by an adult male.

If an adult female must enter the change room, she must adhere to the "Two-Deep" method - there must be two female adults present at all times.

For more information see page 11 of the Ravens Safety Manual.


  1. The use of any form of camera, video camera, camera phone, cell phone, or personal digital assistant (PDA) is PROHIBITED in any recreational facility change rooms during BC hockey sanctioned event.
  2. It is MANDATORY that all coaches and helpers wear helmets on the ice.
  3. At no time are parents/spectators allowed behind the bench. This includes during practices. These areas are not adequately protected  by glass and hence are restric ted to team or game officials only.
  4. Players are not permitted on the ice if there is no authorized coach or on-ice help in attendance.
  5. When on the ice for practices and games, please make sure all bench doors are closed.
  6. Any time an adult enters a dressing room, there must be two adults present ("two-deep"method). If one adult is male, he must be accompanied by a female adult". As mentioned above, adult males are not to enter a change room when the girls are changing at Atom and above ages.

Link to the Respect in Sport Course


This form must be completed for each case where an injury is sustained by a player, spectator or any other person at a sanctioned hockey activity, a Hockey Canada Injury Form must be completed an submitted to Hockey Canada.

In addition to providing additional medical insurance to players families, this form is also used by Hockey Canada to track injuries in minor hockey. All personal information is kept confidential but provides important statistics on what, where, when and at what ages injuries occur. This is useful information in the mitigation of player injuries.

  • All injury claims must be submitted to the BC Hockey office within 90 days of the incident on a Hockey Canada Injury Report Form. If this form is not received, the claim will NOT be processed.
  • Please note invoices and / or receipts can be submitted at a later date following the original claim – payment on the claim may be affected if the claim is received after the above mentioned 90 day period. Receipts and invoices can be submitted up to 52 weeks after the date of the injury.
  • Coverage is not in effect for services or treatments that are insured services (BC Medical Services Plan, Extended Benefits, Dental Plans, etc.)
  • Hockey Canada is a secondary insurer.  If a participant has Extended Benefits or other insurance, request for payment must be filed with the Extended Benefits or other insurance prior to any reimbursement being made from Hockey Canada. However, the injury claim form must still be submitted to the BC Hockey office within 90 days of the injury. Any coverage statements from the participant’s Extended Benefits or other insurance should be forwarded to the BC Hockey office along with the invoices and receipts.
  • If the family does not have Extended Benefits or other insurance coverage and the participant is a resident of Canada with provincial coverage, then coverage is in place for services such as ambulance transportation, prescriptions, crutches, collars, and physiotherapy treatments after the provincial medical has been exhausted.
  • Out of country players must purchase a separate primary insurance coverage plan in order for the Hockey Canada Insurance Program to be in effect.
  • As with other insurance carriers, the Hockey Canada Insurance Program has coverage limits. For further information regarding coverage limits, please refer to the Safety Requires Teamwork booklet.
  • Regardless of the severity of the injury, a Hockey Canada Injury Report Form must be completed and submitted. This applies to all situations, including those where no corresponding monetary claim will be submitted.
  • Please keep copies of all documentation you forward to BC Hockey.
  • Forms MUST be completed in full with the following information:
  • Name and address including postal code and telephone number
  • Date of birth
  • Date of injury
  • Type of injury and nature of condition
  • Whether the injury took place at a Hockey Canada sanctioned activity
  • Name of Association and team
  • Description of accident
  • Signature of team official
  • Signature of parent / guardian (under 18 years of age) or signature of participant (18 years of age or older)
  • Insurance information
  • Incomplete forms will NOT be processed. They will be sent back to the team’s Risk Manager for additional information.
  • Please attach additional physician’s and / or dentist’s statement and / or letter to the form if more space is required or more details of the injury need to be provided.
  • All invoices and / or receipts attached or following the original claim must be itemized, so please check invoices and receipts carefully before sending them to the BC Hockey office.
  • Please make sure the injured individual’s name is on all correspondence.