In honour of our 25th year, we have launched a campaign to profile 25 players who have played with Ravens over the past 25 years. Check out the Q&As below to hear about their time with the Ravens and what they’ve been up to since. We'll be adding new profiles every month!


Claire Bath (Bouwers)

"My best memory from playing with RGIH was the tournaments. I loved playing multiple games in one day in different cities with people that I loved."

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Jacqueline Hamlin

“Hockey is a sport where teamwork, dedication, and hard work are required – but it includes so much room for socializing, laughs, friendships, and opportunities for great memories to be made. Whether it’s through successes or failures on the ice – those bonding moments are such an important component to working together, and the skills are transferable to anywhere life takes you.”

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Fiona Keating (Liem)

“I started in 1998 when I was 13 years old. There were only 2 teams - Peewee and Midget. Since I was new, even though I should have been in Midget, I asked to play Peewee. What an age and talent spread. Kaleigh Fratkin was 6 years old and I was the oldest at 13!”

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Jana Mathers

"It's a great game and it's fun!!! I am so thrilled to see that girls hockey has grown so much over the years, opening doors for opportunities for girls in the sport."

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Carly Millman

"I started playing for RGIH in its very first year. It was just a Sunday afternoon learn to play hockey skate with all ages."

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Justine “Punky” Oye

“I am very biased towards hockey. I believe it teaches people so many life long lessons beyond the skills of stick handling, passing and shooting. Hockey teaches discipline, teamwork, patience, and perseverance. It is a game that I am grateful for because some of my favourite people in the world I met through this game and allowed me to see places in the world that I never would have seen.”

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Casey Rumley (Rodusek)

“Advice for girls interested in reffing: Just lace up some skates and get out there. Don’t let fear be a hindrance.  There is so much the game has to offer, and there is so much potential to advance especially in female hockey. Best of luck, and show everyone your talents and what you have to offer.”

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Natasha Steblin

“I had amazing coaches throughout my hockey career and that is what inspired me to become a coach. I learned so much and was able to excel in hockey only because of the coaches I had. My goal is to help develop girls so that they can advance and better themselves in hockey. Seeing girls development in hockey and them recognizing their improvement is a feeling that drives me as a coach.”

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Ali Taylor

“The highlight of playing with RGIH are the friendships and community that you build from the countless games, tournaments, and celebrations. You spend a lot of time with your teammates and I had so much fun over the years. I am still friends with some of the women I met back when we first joined the league as kids.”

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Tamara Wong

“For those interested in coaching, I would say that it is a great way to take on a leadership role and be involved in the community. Once you are in a coaching position it really gives you a different perspective on the sport, and helps you appreciate the coaches you have had in the past.”

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