When and for how long did you play with the Ravens/RGIH?

I played with the Ravens for 3 seasons, 2nd year Bantam (2002-03), 2nd year Midget (2004-05), and Juvenile (2006-07)

Why did you start playing? 

Hockey had always been a big part of my family’s life; my dad coached minor hockey since his early 20’s, my brother played all through school, and my mom volunteered in numerous ways. I started in Tyke with South Delta Minor Hockey Association (SDMHA), and then moved over to their girls division when I was in grade 4. I loved playing a team sport that my family was so involved with.

I played for Richmond for the above years because they offered a rep program when SDMHA wasn’t able to form a rep team. Having a neighbouring community who was willing to take a few players who wanted to keep up their competitive play was very fortunate and appreciated.

What’s your best memory/highlight from being with the Ravens/RGIH? 

I have great memories from the road trips (tournaments and provincials) in my Bantam year with the Ravens. I was new to the association but made some great friends that year. Although we didn’t have the on ice success we wanted at Provincials in Prince George – I have the best memories from our hotel stay, pool time, and adventures on that trip (e.g. most of the team jumping into the pool fully clothed; playing spoons and card games for hours as a team; exploring Prince George and the smell of the pulp mill; playlists for our dressing room music – I still have a bunch of those songs on my iPod!)

Myself and several of the girls from that team all went on to play in the South Coast Women’s Hockey league together on the same team – which was great to reconnect several years after minor hockey.

What are you up to now/ what have you been up to since graduating from the Ravens/RGIH? 

After 2 years of Juvenile, I played in the South Coast Women’s Hockey League for 6 years, playing with or against many of the girls I met through RGIH.

Since 2012, the past 7 seasons, I have assisted or head coached Atom/ Peewee/ Bantam female teams in SDMHA, which as been incredibly fun and rewarding. I had a lot of great coaches growing up, however not many female coaches – so to be able to be involved in my community association as a positive role model for female hockey has been amazing.

On the not hockey related side of things – I completed my Bachelor’s degree, I work full time with the City of Delta’s Parks, Recreation & Culture Department, got married – and will soon be having a baby!

Why would you recommend girls sign up to play hockey? 

The growth of female hockey even since I was young has been amazing – the fact that there’s teams in almost every community around the Lower Mainland for players of different levels at most age groups allows the opportunity for so many kids to be involved.

Hockey is a sport where teamwork, dedication, and hard work are required – but it includes so much room for socializing, laughs, friendships, and opportunities for great memories to be made. Whether it’s through successes or failures on the ice – those bonding moments are such an important component to working together, and the skills are transferable to anywhere life takes you.

There are also so many opportunities for when you’re an adult to play. It’s not a sport where you have to stop after you graduate out of minor league. Whether you’re looking for competitive play or not – there are so many women’s leagues, and co-ed leagues around the Lower Mainland that you can play hockey well into old age!

Anything else to add? 

Even though I only had a few years with RGIH, RGIH had a great impact on the local hockey community. Almost every year of playing hockey, my teams participated in the March Break tournament (and several of my coaching years as well). I feel fortunate that I had the skill to make the rep teams those couple of years and be a part of this association.