When and for how long did you play with the Ravens/RGIH?

I started in 1998 when I was 13 years old. There were only 2 teams – Peewee and Midget. Since I was new, even though I should have been in Midget, I asked to play Peewee. What an age and talent spread. Kaleigh Fratkin was 6 years old and I was the oldest at 13! She was still dangling around everyone at that age. Everyone else was only 8 or 9. Luckily Juvi became a thing so I got to extend my playing career. I played Juvenile until I had to get ankle surgery in 2006.

Why did you start playing?

I played street hockey with the neighbourhood boys growing up and they all got to play Richmond Minor or Seafair. I begged my parents to let me play. The 94 cup run by the Canucks totally inspired me. I loved watching Pavel Bure and Trevor Linden. My parents thought it was too dangerous, and they finally relented when my sister begged to play softball. They had to even the playing field by letting me play a sport too.

What’s your best memory/highlight from being with the Ravens/RGIH?

I have a few. Trying to do math homework in the car while Coach Keith Vines drove us to games and serenading him with our Kelly Clarkson sing-alongs (Sarah Vines and Carly Millman can confirm). Our rivalry with the Tricity Predators – we’d end up with the entire team in the penalty box. More players in the box than on the ice. The funny part now is that I’m teammates with a couple of the ex-Predators and we can now laugh about those days. Hanging out at the rink all day and redonning our wet and smelly gear during the Ice Classic.

What are you up to now/ what have you been up to since graduating from the Ravens/RGIH?

I still play recreational women’s hockey at Burnaby 8 Rinks and Richmond Ice Centre. I also took up goaltending for fun. I get asked to spare a lot (especially as a goalie) for various leagues and scrimmages.

I’m a Professional Engineer and manage projects (mostly building construction). I’ve worked for three local municipalities, lululemon, Ledcor Construction, PCL Construction in Hawaii and now for the Vancouver Airport Authority.

Why would you recommend girls sign up to play hockey?

Best workout I’ve ever done. I love the community I got to be a part of. The connections and networking opportunities through hockey have been surprising as well. I’ve talked about hockey in more than a couple interviews and it turns out to be a part of some of those after work activities with coworkers, contractors and consultants. It’s a great thing to bond over and it teaches you a lot about working with a team.