When and for how long did you play with the Ravens/RGIH?

I started playing with RGIH when I was 9 in 1996. It was called RGIH Initiation, but I believe the level of hockey was Atom. I stopped playing ice hockey after I graduated from high school in 2005. I played midget rep in grade 12 (2005) and I moved on to Juvenile after high school but only for a year. I quit hockey after that for about 5 years.

Why did you start playing?

I started playing ice hockey because of my parents. They forced me into it!

What’s your best memory/highlight from being with the Ravens/RGIH?  

My best memory from playing with RGIH was the tournaments. I loved playing multiple games in one day in different cities with people that I loved.

What are you up to now/what have you been up to since graduating from the Ravens/RGIH?

Now I am working as a server and I am playing women’s hockey at Burnaby Eight Rinks. I play on a division 1 team as well as a co-ed hockey team. I also spare for multiple women’s hockey teams.

Why would you recommend girls sign up to play hockey?

I would strongly recommend girls to play ice hockey because it gives them experience with teamwork, hard work, exercise, and bonding with other girls. It has shaped me into the person I am today.