When and for how long did you play with the Ravens/RGIH?

I didn’t have a chance to play with RGIH for very long, as I think I only played my 3 Midget years there since I moved here from out of the country.  But it’s quality over quantity and those were the best 3 years ever.

Why did you start playing? 

I was a goalie, and looking for an association to play for. The Korenics were the ones who not only made sure that I had a team to play for, but also made sure that someone on the team would be committed to getting me to and from games and practices because I didn’t have parents living here with me at the time.

I started playing hockey because it’s the best sport out there – there’s nothing else quite like it.  The teamwork, the love of the game, the friendships made are forever. The life lessons, I even met my husband through hockey.  The list goes on.

What are you up to now/what have you been up to since graduating from the Ravens/RGIH? 

After a short career with the Surrey School District, I ended up opening a business REFcore, which is partnered with the NHLOA, selling apparel and accessories to hockey referees. I am also a photographer (Casey Rumley Photography), and a mom to two boys.

Why would you recommend girls sign up to play hockey? 

Hockey has so much to offer. The teamwork teaches responsibility, working towards a common goal, relying on the person standing beside you and across from you, respecting your opponents.  The friendships you create, the commitment, the physical aspect of it. Everything about it makes it such a unique sport. Hockey is such an asset in your life in all regards.

Aside from being a player, how else were you involved with the association and female hockey in general?

Aside from being a player, or a few years after I graduated, I became the Referee-in-Chief for the Ravens. I was on their board as the RIC for about 6 (or maybe 7?) years. I went on to become a Referee-Committee-Member (RCM, or now they’re called Officiating Co-ordinators OC’s) for BC Hockey.  I still am an active supervisor for BC Hockey, supervising officials all over the province mainly in tournaments.

Any advice for girls interested in reffing?

Just lace up some skates and get out there.  Don’t let fear be a hindrance. There is so much the game has to offer, and there is so much potential to advance especially in female hockey.  Best of luck, and show everyone your talents and what you have to offer. There isn’t anyone who doesn’t have something unique to offer to the team, or the game.