Ice Classic Raffle and 50/50

The Richmond Ice Classic raffle and 50/50 are now live!  They are entirely online and will be drawn automatically on the last day of the tournament.  Click on the buttons below to see the prizes and to purchase tickets!

Professional Tournament Photography

Northern Element Photography is the exclusive photography partner for the continent's biggest female house tournament.  Northern Element will take action photos of every team at every game U11-U21 at Richmond Ice Centre.

Northern Element has a special pre-order offer for team photo packages.  See the panels below for details, and for contact info to make your pre-order.  They will also have a kiosk in the main lobby of Richmond Ice Centre.

Click here to view action photography of every team, as it gets posted, throughout the weekend!

The Richmond Ravens are proud of Northern Element's work at our tournaments.  The photos on the front page are just a few examples of their great work.