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Ravens Canada Day Parade

By Mimi Nishi, 06/05/17, 10:30AM PDT


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Now is the time to RSVP for the Canada Day Parade. Please come out and support the Ravens. You will see based on the message below that this year is going to be a lot of fun. If your child attends she will be given a Ravens jersey to wear during the parade and there will be a pizza party after the parade.


Contact Mimi Nishi for any questions ( or 604-812-7814)


Parents, Coaches, Players and Volunteers, 

We have some very exciting news about this year's Salmon Festival Parade. 

For the first time ever, Seafair Minor, Richmond Ravens, and Richmond Minor have all come together to organize one big entry into this year's Salmon Festival Parade. With Canada celebrating its 150 years of existence, why not do something totally different. Cody Kusch, Mimi Nishi, and Hanif Hamir met last week to discuss this year's special event.  Some of the details will be listed below and other emails will be sent out in the near future explaining more about how each and everyone of you can get involved.  We want this to be the biggest Hockey celebration in the country.  Let's show our respective association team spirit and all come together on July 1st to demonstrate to the 30 000 parade route watchers just what hockey looks like, sounds like and feels like with our overwhelming presence. Here are a few of the details so far:

  • We will have 3 different floats that will involve parents, players and volunteers from all 3 associations taking part, along with some Richmond Sockeye Personnel as well (one hockey theme, one Canada Theme, and one focusing on three association theme)
  • We will meet at West Wind Elementary School at 4 pm on Friday June 30th to assemble all three floats (more info to come on this) for those people wanting to help out 
  • On July 1st, we will meet at our desired number location before 9 am so that we are organized, prior to the start of the parade. 
  • We will be handing out about 6000 freezies and other give-aways to the parade watchers, along the route 
  • Players are encouraged to dress in their association colors with team apparel, or Canada attire to celebrate this great game of hockey in this amazing Country called Canada (each association will organize their own jersey distribution and collection of jerseys) 
  • Players can wear roller blades or street shoes while walking in the parade (please remember to be respectful and safe while taking part in the parade) 
  • After Parade Party will take place at Homma School where Fresh Slice Pizza and drinks will be provided to all parade participants (a great place for parents, who are not participating in the parade, to meet back up with their respective family members 
  • Let's remember to show our collective Team Spirit, while demonstrating to everyone watching, just how respectful and thoughtful we all are about this beautiful city, we call home. 
  • Start doing those Sunshine Dances now so that we are guaranteed nice weather and we will do the rest to ensure that everyone is safe and all members will be able to partake in one of the longest standing and largest Canada Day Celebrations in the country.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please follow up with your respective association organizer, listed below.  There will be more emails to come in June but for now let's start dancing and start recruiting those members, coaches, parents, and volunteers who want to take part and help make this the best Hockey Celebration ever!

Thanks everyone and we will be in touch,

Cody Kusch - Seafair Minor Hockey
Mimi Nishi - Richmond Ravens Hockey
Hanif Hamir - Richmond Minor Hockey